No.6 “The security around Miura peninsula against foreign countries”


The Story of The Commodore Perry’s visit to Japan

No.5 “The visit of Ryukyu(Okinawa) by commodore Perry” 日本語版P9-P10 はこちら↓

The security around Miura peninsula against foreign countries 日本語版 P11

After the 19th of March 1847, some of the Tokugawa familiy and daimyo, feudal lord, had secured around Uraga area. The family of Hikone clan has been in charge of the areas from Kurihama to Misaki and Matsurdaira family of Kawagoe clan has been in charge of Hashirimizu to Kannonzaki, and Bousou peninsula which is the opposite sides of Miura peninsula from Futsu to Takegaoka was by Matsudaira family of Aizu clan, from Oobousaki to Sunosaki was by Matsudaira family of Oshi clan. These 4 clans were called “Okatame 4 Han” they were very important to protect Edo bay. Uraga magesrate’s office was the front line for the security of Edo bay.

Uraga magesrate’s office was built at west side of Uraga by Tokugawa Yoshimune instead of Shimoda office , Izu peninsula in 1720. They had regulated ships and trading ships as tax officers, administrants, police officers , court. Situation has changed gradually, foreign ships has often appeared in Japan so there were increased numbers of staffs such as, Bugyou 1 to 2 , and Yoriki more 6 and Doshin more 10 people were encreased on May 1844. It was the 5years before Perry’s fleet would come to Uraga. Yoriki could use horses but Doshin couldn’t cause they were subordinates of Yoriki. In 1853 which was the year of Perry’s fleet arrived at Japan, Uraga magistrate was Ido Hiromichi, who had worked in Edo, and Toda Ujihashi , who had worked in Uraga. Toda contacted with Ido about situation of Uraga frequently. The people in Edo castle discussed matters with these information.

 Toda was chosen as a responsible person to negotiate with Perry.  Toda had been just a low rank Hatamoto with 5000 goku but his family was Toda family of Ogaki clan, then he could be promoted to Kanjobugyoukaku adding 2000goku. Because Roju Abe Masahiro trusted him and he expected to be a negotiator to America.

 Uraga magesrate’s office became the important role as a regulating office which was located in far from Edo. 

The security around Miura peninsula by Aidu clan 日本語版 P12

 On the 26th of February in 1810, Matsudaira Katahiro, the lord of Oshu Aidu clan, and Matsudaira Sadanobu, the lord of Shirakawa clan, were called to one of a MTG room in Edo castle, then they were told by Roju that they would be given Bousou peninsula and Miura peninsula which would be built Daiba, kinds of fort, and the lands around these areas exchanging their managing lands. It was the start of security for the sea offering 2 important  Tokugawa shogunate’s daimyo lord. Like thi, some daimyo lords were in charge of security for the sea since after 19th century to the end of Edo era. It can be called that “Daimyo lord’s private lands” as before arrival and “Daimyo lords keeping lands” as after arrival 

comparing before and after arrival of Perry. They had had lands which they regulated directly in Miura peninsula.

 For Aidu clan, most of the areas of Miura gun, Kamakura gun and a part of Kuraki gun, south side of Yokohama area, were given to them. They regulated several kinds of roles such as, ships, captains, crews, shipping people and horses properly for the security of the sea. They had to practice before the start of their role, so it was much tough for local people. They put their regulating office at Kamoi Jinya and Misaki jinya. They built “Youshukan” in Kamoi and “Shugikan” in Misaki furthermore they taught Jugaku at there often. 


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