No.4 “The situation of America”


The Story of The Commodore Perry’s visit to Japan

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The Situation of America P7-P8

In 1848, by the winning of war with Mexico, America add the California to their land. That happened 5years before Perry’s arrival to Uraga. In California, gold mine was found and excited by that. And east side of Asia began to be paid attention for trading, because America got the land against Pacific Ocean.

At the moment, America had been in industrial revolution of cotton fabric. The Shin(China)which had been opened on Bouka agreement was expected as one of the huge market of cotton fabric. It had been eagered to make pacific ocean root from west  side of America to Shin(China) to carry those cotton fabrics made in America as soon as possible.

Hiraneyama Fort(Daiba) (Chiyogasaki Daiba)

Uraga has had a lighthouse called “Tomyodo” since Edo era. The mountain at the back of “Tomyodo” called Hiraneyama was the place which was built first fortress in Edo shore  by Aidu clan because Aidu clan was ordered by Tokugawa shogunate to protect Edo shore in 1811(8 of Bunka). They set 5 canons, stand of signal fire, telescope stand at there.

 In 1837(8 of Tenpo), Uraga magistrate’s office shot American trading ship the Morison which brought Japanese castaways to Japan from Hiraneyama fort because they were nervous about that foreign ships came to Japan but the shells didn’t reach and drop in the sea far from the ship floating on offshore. On the report of the Morison noted that “We thought it was salutes”.

 Then a fort was moved to Tsuruzaki (current area of Kurihama reformatory) and in another 2 years, it would be moved to Chiyogasaki near to Tomyodo. At the Chiyogasaki fort, it was set 13 canons there and it had missions not only protecting Uraga shore but also Protecting Edo shore. Nowadays, its site is a plain field and there is some traces like things at the beach line.

 Renjo Shimaoka who took photo of Saburosuke Nakajima (who has been one of famous photographer like Hikoma Ueno who took photo of Ryoma Sakamoto) also worked there as a soldier and met Saburosuke Nakajima. 

But steamships at that time needed huge amount of coal for fuel, so they had to find some places to refill them. The best place  for it was Japan.

 Furthermore, the America at that time had catches whale heavily for whale oil using industrial ways, so they put whale ships to northern Pacific Ocean. In brief, they must prepare some places to supply fuel, water and foods.

 The America thought that Japan had closed their country but they hand had training relationship with Netherland so it would not be hard to open their country then president Philmore decided to send commodore Perry who had been active working on the war with Mexico as an ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary.

 Commodore Perry was born in South Kingston, Road island state which has been located in northern area of America in 1794. His father and brother was also navy, so he had grown in Naval family.

 In 1837, when the first steam ship was built, he was chose to be fist captain of that. He said that “ The father of the steam ship in America”. He was 57years old and meritorious person of navy, when he arrived at Uraga.

 Commodore Perry spent rigging some time, then 24th of the November in 1852, he departed with the steam ship “The Mississippi” from Nofolk port which is in east side of America.

He moored at the St. Herena in Madeira islands, the cape of good hope in Africa, Seiran island Molicious, then he finally reached to Singapore. He had come by Atlantic Ocean root. 


The black ships’ fleet of commodore Perry arrived at Uraga with 4 ships at the first time.

How many steam ships were they?

 The answer must be not 4 but 2 of them. The rest of 2 ships were sailing ships.

 The black ships’ fleet led by commodore Perry was like those.

 The formation of the fleet at the 1st visit of Uraga

Steam ships The Sasukehana , The Mississippi 

Sailing ships The Saratoga , The Primas

The formation of fleet at the 2nd visit of Uraga

Steam ships The Sasukehana The Mississippi, The Porhatan

Sailing ships The Masedonian , The Vandaria , The Lexington , The Southern prom , The Saratoga , The Sapurai

No.4 “The situation of America” 日本語版P5-P6 はこちら↓


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