No.5 “The visit of Ryukyu(Okinawa) by commodore Perry”


The Story of The Commodore Perry’s visit to Japan

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The visit of Ryukyu(Okinawa) by commodore Perry 日本語版P9

 On April 7th 1853, The Mississippi with commodore Perry arrived at Hong Kong. Then they had kept voyage through Kantong, Makao, and Shang Hai. In Shanghai, the Sasukehana merged with Perry’s fleet and become about the fleet which would arrive at Uraga.

 On May 26th, they reached to Naha port in Ryukyu(Okinawa). Since then the flagship of Perry’s fleet changed to the Sasukehana.

Commodore Perry offered to be in Shuri castle to a regent of Ryukyu kingdom who visited Perry’s fleet. Once a regent denied Perry’s offer while the empress dowager was sick but regent was finally obeyed Perry’s offer and welcomed him into Shuri castle.

The group of Perry were entertained by Ryukyu people with consideration, so they praised Ryukyu people’s kind and considerable attitude.

 Certainly, Perry knew the fact that Ryukyu was conquered by Satsuma clan. So he visited Ryukyu and researched the situation to make step of opening Japan. Perry also could make agreement to buy some materials which needs to continue their voyage. Perry succeeded his first mission of Japan visit. There are tombs of Perry’s crew in Naha, Okinawa.

Perry’s fleet heading to Japan 日本語版P10

After Perry’s fleet departed from Ryukyu(Okinawa), they decided to visit the important point for training Ogasawara islands. In Chichijima, there have been few British settlers. They has been alive harvesting sweet potatoes and corns and bartered some materials with whale ships which has visited there. But Perry has researched Japan well enough and told to British settlers that Chichijima was found by Japan before and no rights to possess it. Then Perry also put some cows, sheep and goats because he expected that Chichijima could be fueling and supplying point for them in future.

After that, Perry’s fleet wen back to Ryukyuu and The Purimasu merged with them. One of his purpose to visit japan was to open Japan to America. But he predicted difficulties to fulfil that purpose. Perry acted gentle in Ryukyu and Ogasawara islands but he had planed to conquer them when Japanese government wouldn’t agree with America’s offers. On 26th of May , 1853, Perry and his fleet departed from Naha pod to Japan. Before his voyage, his fleet would be promised to have 13 ships, but rest of ships haven’t appeared finally and Perry has had only 4 ships The Sasukehana, The Mississippi, The Saratoga, and The Purimasu. Perry departed to Japan with dissatisfaction to his country’s acting.

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